Third COMPe4MI Project meeting in Cyprus

The third strategic partnership meeting of the project COMPe4MI – Tools for
professionals to assess and develop migrants’ competences, was organized on the 11-
12th October in Nicosia, Cyprus with the participation of all partner’s representative
in order to discuss the progress of the project requirements and the next steps.
At the beginning of the meeting, a short description of the Gantt Chart and timeline of
activities were presented. More specific, there were described what has been done so
far about the shadowing activity –Competences shadowing Programme. Moreover,
there was referred to the completion of the didactic guidelines and material, the
methodology for job shadowing activities, also the translation of material in all
partners’ languages and the testing and valuations.
After that, all partners had some time to describe their experience about shadowing
activity process, in which they had to select 10 migrants from all the participants of
the training workshop to participate in the shadowing activity with the supervision of
five companies as host organizations. They were talked about the challenges or
difficulties they faced, how they felt and what they observed.
The aims of the meeting were successfully completed with the discussion about all the
things will be prepared for Intellectual Output 3 such as the assignment of the task to
everyone, the technical issues of the e-learning platform and the arrangement for the
C1 training activity in Florence.

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