IO1 - Competences Shadowing Programme

This Competences shadowing programme will support participants to become aware of their potential and gain or refresh already acquired skills and abilities, as well as, to support them in getting information on the recognition of their qualifications, while fostering their practical participation and integration in society. This Intellectual Output will design and test a competences shadowing programme aiming to integrate migrants, in selected labour market sectors (Cleaning and housekeeping, leisure, catering and hospitality sector, manufacture, etc.)  with the goal to prepared them to be more “job ready” and integrate them in society.

IO2 - COMPe4Mi e-Learning Platform

The COMPe4Mi  e-learning Platform will be accessible, as “Learning Area” to registered  migrants and professionals and its main purpose will be to host all the material developed under IO1 and IO3, including additional training material. Access to e-learning material will be granted through free registration (for project participating individual users). The platform will also provide functionalities for on-line interaction among migrants, professionals, and host stakeholders participating in the pilot activities.

IO3 - Capacity Building Course for professionals working with migrants

This capacity building course combines theoretical input with concrete and practical tools to better apprehend multiculturalism and living together with migrants. The training course will adapt to participants' experiences and expectations to enable everyone to gain new competences for better daily management of their intercultural work. Simulations, role plays and group work will enable participants to observe their own behaviours and attitudes and to test alternative interventions. The aim is to raise awareness about multicultural societies through interactive activities, discussions and practical tools for intercultural learning, to raise awareness about own prejudices and stereotypes in relation to other cultures and cultural references, to analyse intercultural situations experienced by participants in their work with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants and propose common solutions, to develop competences in dealing with intercultural conflicts through interactive activities, to share experiences, approaches, tools and practices of participants in working with third country nationals in Europe and beyond and to develop diversity management skills for their professional everyday life.

IO4 - COMPe4Mi Sustainability Guide

The sustainability Guide of the COMPe4Mi project will include initiatives for the sustainability of the project activities following completion. The Guide will present, not only the project results offered for further valorization but also specific recommendations for methodology and guidelines for refugees/migrants integration Sustainability.

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