The COMPe4Mi Project (Tools for professionals to assess and develop migrants’ competences) is co-funded by the European Commission under Erasmus + Programme – KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnership for Adult Education. The project started on 1st October 2017 with a total duration of 24 months. The project aims to strengthen the multicultural education among professionals working with migrants, while enhancing skills and competences of migrants for their real integration in the labour market and society life. The project puts in the front line the education of adult immigrants’ learners. Adult education is crucial for development of employability and related skills among the local population and refugees. The main target groups the project is addressing are professionals who are dealing with migrants (adult educators, trainers, professional staff, training providers, migrants training centres, NGO officers, and enterprises) as well as migrants themselves.


The main objectives are to:

  •  promote the implementation of interactive activities to increase migrants’ participation in educational - social - cultural life and to foster capacity-building of professionals working with migrants on successful integration actions for the target group and intercultural education;
  • increase the quality of services offered to migrants in the future;
  • improve levels of skills awareness for employability of migrants;
  • enhance civic orientation and active citizenship of migrants;
  • increase opportunities for migrants for professional development;
  • create links between the host society and migrants' communities;
  • develop competences in dealing with inter-cultural conflicts;
  • promote awareness of the importance of cultural diversity in Europe;
  • promote understanding of cultural backgrounds and reflection in order to increase tolerance and to reduce prejudices and xenophobia.

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